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FellaCappella IV!

Hey! Once again we're singing with the other men in RIT a cappella, Eight Beat Measure and the Brick City Singers!

We'll be in Webb Auditorium at 8pm this Saturday, Oct 26th to serenade you! If you want tickets, find any member beforehand and we'll sell you tickets for $4! Post on the facebook wall for the event to get ahold of one of us:
If you can't do that, we'll be selling the extra tickets at the door!

See you then!


New Members!

Surround Sound would like to welcome four new members!

Nick Taber, Tenor, is a first year Information Technology student!

Michael Palmer, Tenor, is a first year Mechanical Engineering student!

Jeff Barker, Baritone, is a first year Computer Engineering student!

Andrew Litfin, Bass, is a first year Game Design & Development student!

We're so glad to have them all and we look forward to learning some new music with them real soon!



Its that time of year again! We need some new blood, so if you love to sing, check us out!



Facebook Info Night:

Facebook Tryout Night:

If you like videogames, science, and singing, you're in the right place! Hope to sing with you at tryouts!


Really Big Show VIII - Apr 13 2013

Hello! Surround Sound is hosting the eighth annual Really Big Show this year on April 13th in Webb Auditorium!
We've already confirmed that the Lovely Ladies from SUNY Fredonia's "Some Like It Hot" will be singing with us, we hope to see you there!

ALSO We would like to take this opportunity to welcome First Year Business Student Ming Chun "Kevin/King" Kong to the group! He has a great Lead voice and we're glad to have him!


New Members!

Congratulations to our new Surround Sound Members!

Karl Pajak(Tenor), First Year Transfer Film Production major!
Brett Slabaugh(Lead), Third Year Computer Science/Game Design major!
Neil Guertin(Bass), First Year Computational Math major!
James Haefner(Bass), First Year Chemical Engineering major!

We're really glad to have picked up such awesome guys this year! Looking forward to singing together soon!


Right Where We Belong

Surround Sound is proud to present our third album, "Right Where We Belong," recorded Spring 2012, showing off our most recent repertoire!

We took an unusual approach to producing this album; the recording was done gratis by Joe Pietruch using his own equipment, in a studio at RIT, and the results were mixed and edited by Alex Karantza. Other than our time, this whole album was produced at no cost.

With no production costs to recoup, and coming off the high of an awesomely successful year, we're happy to release this album for free under a Creative-Commons license - download and share it!

Really Big Show VII

Hey, everyone! We're working really hard on this year's really big show! We've got tons of new music, hilarious skits, and a video in the works!

The show will be Saturday, April 21st, mark your calenders!

Heres the Facebook event:

Fellacappella II

Do you like listening to a lot of dudes sing really sweet music? Do you like laughing uproariously at/with your peers? Is your right hand slightly larger than your left?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, Fellacappella II is the even for you!

Surround Sound, The Brick City Singers, Eight Beat Measure, and special guest Ball in the House will all be singing at Ingle Auditorium Saturday, February 11th! Show starts at 4pm, tickets will soon be available through any member of any of the male groups for 5$ presale, 6$ at the door.

New Members!

Surround Sound welcomes our two newest members!

Andrew McCarthy, Second Year Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology student! He sings Bari and Lead!

Zach Moxley, First year Electrical Engineering student! He sings Bass!

We're really glad to have such awesome and talented new singers, looking forward to Fellacappella!

EDIT APR 2012: We would also like to welcome back Kevin Dickey, bass extraordinaire!


Midnight Breakfast - Nov 11 2011

Surround Sound will be singing at the Midnight Breakfast on November 11th! Stop by Gracie's from 10-midnight and relax before finals week with barbershop and breakfast! It costs $2 to enter, hope to see you there!

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