“Here’s where I would put the alumni bios if we had any.” – Isaac

Andrew Diana

Andrew Diana from Seaford, New York

Hi, I’m Andrew Diana. I am a bass.
Hopefully my bio won’t be messed with (it’s probably already been messed with).
I am an IT Major and a first year.
😇😙😊😚😏😚😋😝😊😚☺️😟😆😞😅☺️😖😆😙😇😟☺️😛☺️😖😆😚😋😋 shoutout to LONG ISLAND.

Andrew Litfin

Andrew “Big Drew” Litfin from San Jose, CA – Class of 2018

Andrew Litfin is currently studying game design and applied mathematics. Apart from singing with SSound, he enjoys playing video games and pursuing other academic interests. As to why he came all the way to Rochester instead of staying home in sunny California–well, he’s still figuring that one out.

Ari DeGolyer

Ari DeGolyer from Castille, New York

Ari DeGolyer is a freshman from Castile, NY and attended school at Houghton Academy, where he was involved with several music related groups. He participated in Band, Choir, and Hand Bell choir, and was involved in several plays and musicals, the latest being Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. He is majoring in Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology, and wants to design things for his career.

Brett Slabaugh

Brett “Slopalopagus” Slabaugh from Doylestown, Ohio – Class of 2014

Brett Slopalopalopalopalopalopalopalopagus is like two weeks away from GTFO time.

Christopher Renninger

Christopher Renninger from Monticello, New York

Chris is a computer science major who has been singing since he was very little when he sang with his grandma in church choir. Aside from singing, he enjoys playing video and board games and writing music. “Oh! Website guy! Add that I do theater too!”

Colin Fausnaught

Colin “Sprinkles” Fausnaught from Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Colin is studying software engineering. Besides singing, Colin likes playing video games and programming. His last name means doughnut, therefore he has been given the nickname “Sprinkles”.

Craig Martek

Craig “Wow, Such” Martek located in Boston, Mass – Class of 2011

Craig joined SSound in 2006, just in time to enjoy the experience of opening for Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton. He was ultimately trusted with the role of business manager for a few years for some unknown reason and managed not to run the group into the ground. Unsatisfied with only six hours a week of a cappella rehearsals, he went on to co-found the first co-ed group on campus. He now resides in Cambridge, where he founded and still sings with the post-collegiate a cappella group The Pow Arrangers.

Dan Decker

Dan “D-Decks” Decker from Oneonta, New York

Dan’s bio comes free with the purchase of a copy of Live from the Pickle Factory!

Gabriel Mercano

Gabriel Marcano from Worcester, Massachusetts – Class of 2015

Gabe’s interests range from music, to video games, to low level programming and some hardware tinkering. Oh, and thinking. And talking about almost every topic available under the sun. He is also proficient in many things GNU/Linux related, using Gentoo Linux as his distribution of choice (revealing a bit of a masochistic side). Él también habla español, and it’s not uncommon for him to say something random in it.

Ian Morency

Ian “Mom” Morency from Freeport, Maine – Class of 2015

Contrary to popular belief, Ian was hatched in a vial born under normal circumstances to the United States Govenment normal human parents. No matter what evidence you gather, he was definitely not genetically engineered to sing unnaturally high and deafening notes. He spend most of his time playing Magic: The Gathering, working on new ways to clone himself (to make a quartet with perfect blend), and trying to shatter every window in the Innovation center with only his voice.

Isaac Banner

Isaac “Giraffe” Banner from Saratoga Springs, New York – Class of 2015

Isaac is actually, certifiably crazy. Also he makes the website and he still needs to write a bio that doesn’t stink. He’s studying Computer Science, Mathematics, and the majesty of human existence. He likes Disney, Rocky Horror, Video Games (especially Pokémon), Anime, and other nerdy stuff.

James Haefner

James “No Nickname” Haefner from Buffalo, New York – Class of 2017

James is that guy. That guy who never really knows what to say about himself. That frat boy music nerd that fits into the RIT culture all too well. his lack of computer skills of any kind make for hilarious times in rehearsals.

James Schreppler

James Schreppler from Chestertown, MD – Class of 2018

Writing this paragraph was on James’s to-do list. This means that it somehow got done, despite that list always being at least twelve items too large and never getting smaller. James has a taste for “fine” brandy, as well as RPGs, strategy games, reading, and rolling a one with two dice. His favorite genre of fiction is cyberpunk; however, given its lack of presence in the world, he settles for epic fantasy, as it houses is favorite fictional universe: the Cosmere. James is in his final year of earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science. His useless superpower is that he can turn invisible, but only when no one is watching.

Jeff Barker

Jeff “Jeffè” Barker from Kinderhook, New York

From the town that no one seems to remotely know the approximate whereabouts of, even those who live in New York, Jeff loves anything involving computers, track and field, poker and, of course, acapella (especially barbershop). While he oftens freaks out about any notion involving school work, he does like to play the occassional video game or poker game in his spare time. In his second year he hopes to not freak out over his courses as much and return to one of his passions: running track and field for RIT.

Joe Kardamis

Joe Kardamis located in Cleveland, Ohio – Class of 2007

Joined Ssound just after it was no longer The Group That Shall Not Be Named, as one half of the bass section, bringing membership up to five. Did a totally classy and tasteful rendition of Louis Armstrong, then some sounds that purported to be VP (most notably bongos… Sadly the vibraslap never made it into action). Responsible for business management, the first logo, and a number of arrangements that time and the website have since forgotten. Also a picture of a pickle jar which somehow became a CD. Got Jonathan Coulton to come, and Paul and Storm came too. Forgot to sell tickets.
Joe is now in Cleveland, with his wife and tiny humans which he helped create.

Kevin Kong

Kevin “Ming Chun” Kong from Queens, New York

Kevin, aka MC Kong, King Kong & Asian Kevin, is literally the best invention since sliced bread and internet. Born in Hong Kong, Kevin was imported into the US due to the national demand for foreign talent. His hobbies include swing dancing, poker, chess, and flipping coins for 20 dollars. In addition to Surround Sound, he has also been in RIT Student Government, and is a brother of Delta Sigma Pi. If you see Kevin, pay him a compliment and ask him how he is doing; he loves talking about himself.

Matt Wong

Matt “Perpetual Co-op” Wong from Sandusky, Ohio

Will’s attempt at a Matt Wong Bio: Matt Wong is the dopest dude this side of the Pacific Ocean. He enjoys computers, games, computer games and the engineering of computers. He’s an aspiring beat-boxer currently a Journeyman in the ‘Boots and Cats’ methodology. When he’s not singing or computering, he’s busy messing around with live A/V, trying to DJ, and overall just being Matt. Freakin’. Wong.

Mike Palmer

Mike “Mikey P” Palmer from Scaggsville, Maryland

Hailing from central Maryland, Michael, often referred to as Mikey P, knows all there is to know about crabs and Old Bay seasoning (Any Marylander’s true love). He came to RIT to study mechanical engineering with no prior knowledge of the wintery wonderland that Rochester can be. But hey, you don’t go to school for the weather, right? He enjoys making music and hanging around with his friends. Back home in MD, he plays trumpet and sings back up vocals in his ska band, 3 Second Lunchbox.


Moxley “Moxley” Moxley from Littlestown, Pennsylvania

Zach Moxley (who the hell is Zach?) prides himself in his roles as expert panino player and America’s Favorite Music Director™. An avid DIY enthusiast, Moxley has done everything from restoring an old Mustang to building his own furniture! He’s currently studying to become an electrical engineer and grand master of the White Lotus.

Nate Pomana

Nathan Pomana from Alden, New York

Hey! I’m Nathan Pomana, but go by Nate or 8/8 . I’m a first year student in Computing Exploration (undeclared in Computing) and I’m hard of hearing. I’m from a little town of Alden, which is outside of Buffalo, NY and yes, that’s the town that got hit the hardest from the Snovember storm.

Neil Guertin

Neil “Noodle” Guertin from Middlebury, Vermont – Class of 2017

Neil Guertin is a noodle. His blood is tomato sauce and his platelets are parmesan cheese. He likes pasta nights because he gets to hang out with his family. And then eat them. He spends the rest of his time doing math, computer science, pep band, and hockey, occasionally leaving time for homeostasis.

Nick Cote

Nicholas “Coté” Coté from Buffalo, New York – Class of 2014

Nicholas Coté’s shirts never wrinkle and when it’s raining, it’s because he’s thinking of something sad. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him. His hands feel like rich brown suede. Cuba imports cigars for him. In museums, he’s allowed to touch the art. His business card simply says “I’ll call you.” He’s a lover, not a fighter…but he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas. His personality is so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards. He can speak French, in Russian. His legend precedes him, the way lightning precedes thunder. He is…the most interesting man in the world.

Nick Taber

Nick “Pokebunny” Taber from New York City – Class of 2017

Nick Taber is a second year Information Technology student hailing from New York City. His passions include singing, technology, video games, and zip-up hoodies. Formerly a competitive Starcraft player, “No Nonsense Taber” will not hesitate to kick your butt at nearly any game that uses a mouse and keyboard.

Orresta Paddock

Orresta Paddock from Cazenovia, New York

Orresta’s musical interest started when he sang as a soprano, which is why he can sing ungodly high. Besides singing, Orresta’s musical interest stretches to Concert Band, where he plays the flute. Orresta also participates in Club Gymnastics and Club Lacrosse, but also enjoys baking cupcakes, and plans to take over the world with his delicious, fluffy morsels of sugar and love.

Sébastien de Carbonel

Sébastien de Carbonel from Sharon, MA

Sébastien de Carbonnel is a male beagle/husky mix that bolted when somebody left the gate open. Thought to be somewhere between Rochester, NY, and Sharon, MA. If spotted, please call 867-5309.

Thomas Coburn

Thomas Coburn from Pittsford, New York

Thomas Coburn is a Computing Security major. Music has been a part of Thomas’ life since the very start. Participating in some sort of choir from age 8, Thomas was essentially raised by choir girls, which is evident by his softer side. Apart from his love for music, he also enjoys quality time with friends.

William Dougherty

Will “William Dougherty” Dougherty from Albany, New York

Will, known to everyone else as William Dougherty, is Surround Sound’s Secretary of Jolly Good Times and Merriment. He enjoys hanging out, having fun, and being number 1. If you get that reference, then you’re probably cool enough to hang out with him. When he’s not doing those things, he enjoys grilling meats, playing games of video and tabletop varieties, and making obscure references that at least one person usually gets. Usually.

Zack DiVasta

Zachary DiVasta from Rochester, New York

Origin Story: “I am a freshman Chemical Engineer, and new to Surround Sound, but I am eager to sing with them this year. I like to play outside in the mud and I want to hunt unicorns when I grow up.”