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Ian Hogue

Ian “Hoagie” Hogue from Scottsville, NY

Ian, Surround Sound’s resident Canadian, has been singing since he was 10, and has been in Surround Sound since 2014 2017. He is studying Computer Engineering Marketing, loves playing video games and D&D, and performs in musical theater. Ian never stops singing. Ever. Even when he loses his voice, he keeps singing. Ian likes to think he’s a tenor. Ian is not a tenor.

James Schreppler

James Schreppler from Chestertown, MD

Writing this paragraph was on James’s to-do list. This means that it somehow got done, despite that list always being at least twelve items too large and never getting smaller. James has a taste for “fine” brandy, as well as RPGs, strategy games, reading, and rolling a one with two dice. His favorite genre of fiction is cyberpunk; however, given its lack of presence in the world, he settles for epic fantasy, as it houses is favorite fictional universe: the Cosmere. James is in his final year of earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science. His useless superpower is that he can turn invisible, but only when no one is watching.

Luke Frazer

Luke Frazer from Canton, NY

Luke is a Computer Science major at RIT, and enjoys teaching his friends how to fix their computers by the classic “have you tried turning it off and on again?” method. He likes playing video games on occasion and eating mascots at Ritz Sportszone, where his hero, Ian Hogue, works. One thing Luke doesn’t know how to do is write bios.

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