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Andrew Litfin

Andrew “Big Drew” Litfin from San Jose, California

Andrew Litfin is currently studying game design. Apart from singing with SSound, he enjoys playing video games and pursuing other academic interests. As to why he came all the way to Rochester instead of staying home in sunny California–well, he’s still figuring that one out.

James Haefner

James “No Nickname” Haefner from Buffalo, New York

James is that guy. That guy who never really knows what to say about himself. That frat boy music nerd that fits into the RIT culture all too well. his lack of computer skills of any kind make for hilarious times in rehearsals.

Neil Guertin

Neil “Noodle” Guertin from Middlebury, Vermont

Neil Guertin is a noodle. His blood is tomato sauce and his platelets are parmesan cheese. He likes pasta nights because he gets to hang out with his family. And then eat them. He spends the rest of his time doing math, computer science, pep band, and hockey, occasionally leaving time for homeostasis.

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