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Andrew Litfin

Andrew “Big Drew” Litfin from San Jose, CA

Andrew Litfin is currently studying game design and applied mathematics. Apart from singing with SSound, he enjoys playing video games and pursuing other academic interests. As to why he came all the way to Rochester instead of staying home in sunny California–well, he’s still figuring that one out.

Noah Britton

Noah Britton from Glens Falls, NY

Noah Britton is fast. He runs cross country and still makes it to rehearsal when he says he will.
In his spare time, he enjoys talking long walks on the beach in the snow and watching sunsets at noon. He may be a dog, but he’s one cool cat.

Peter Waldmiller

Peter Waldmiller from Centreville, VA

“I’m not short. Everyone else is tall!” – Peter Waldmiller

Peter is known to appear on stage in musicals, and sing broadway songs in his free time. He loves hanging out with his friends, and not writing bios. Can he play video games? What’s his favorite musical? No one knows. Not even Peter.

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