Random Acts of MusicGlobal1

We were once a group called Random Acts of Music back in 2001. We were about two to five people. It was basically whoever showed up at the time and we sang for whoever wanted to listen. Do not ask us about that dark time. It never happened, despite this paragraph and any photographs that would seem to be evidence to the contrary.

Surround Sound Rising

Surround Sound officially started in 2002. There was a niche remaining to be filled in the RIT acappella
scene where our progenitors laid down our very special barbershop roots. In addition, we now do various arrangements from today’s new hits and oldies like Elvis and Van Morrison, to the hilarious works of Jonathan Coulton and The Klein Four.

Eventually, the group became old enough to have a substantial number of almuni to sing with us at our annual show. In more recent years Surround Sound has expanded and our group size has ranged from 8 to 16, allowing us to try more challenging music. Lately our repertoire includes classic barbershop pieces, Disney songs, Barbershop arrangements of Disney Songs, and much more! We still enjoy getting together and eating pasta on a regular basis, as well as watching movies together and playing video games.