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Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson from Doylestown, PA

Dave Robinson is a first year CS Major from Doylestown, PA. Where will life take him? Nobody knows. For now he just plays video games while learning songs on the melodica. You can frequently find Dave at the Student Life Center at night. Swole is the goal. Size is the prize.

Nathan Durham

Nathan Durham from Olean, NY

Nathan, much like most things, wrote this last minute. He hails from Olean, New York. He is a second year electrical engineering student at RIT. His interest range from late walks on the beach to early walks through a city. If you find him during an Humans vs. Zombies games, have caution, he is ready to attack at any moment. He was a bass his whole life until recently so cut him some slack…singing high is tough.

Nick Boyle

Nicholas Boyle from Rochester, NY

Nick is a first year Game Design major. The “too long didn’t read” list of his interests include videogames, acting, singing, racquetball, and videogames. There are others, but listing them would defeat the purpose of “tldr”. His default answer to “dude, are you good at smash?” is “I don’t know. maybe?” If you really want to know how good at smash he is, he’s always ready to play a round or two.

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