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Eric Mitchell

Eric Mitchell from Abington, PA

Eric Mitchell is a third-year tenor currently studying music and technology, as well as Baseball. If spotted watching baseball, one should use extreme caution to avoid getting bored to death by Eric’s vast baseball knowledge. If spotted outside that, watch out for his dangerous substitute. Eric consistently working on getting better, and will constantly focus on training for the RIT Fencing club, where he is captain of the saber squad.

Jacob Peterson

Jacob Peterson from Harpursville, NY

Jacob Peterson is a second year Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology student. His major can also be pronounced “elechy mechy tech.” Jacob Has been singing for most of his high school career and always listens to music in the shower. Jacob spends his free time being an occasional gamer and finds four, five and six leaf clovers. Jacob is very excited to be joining the group this year and looks forward to singing with Surround Sound!

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